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The Academic Temptation


I am currently being tempted to apply for a PhD Scholarship, I know the rejection feels really really bad and it hurts so much, but I am so tempted to dive back into it.  I have been rejected due to over qualification, they feel my current affiliation with a big time testing, inspection and certification firm does not make me eligible for financial assistance, as if my current salary could pay their big time doctorate tuition fees.  I’m from a developing country, I couldn’t afford that.

Mentioning the word Big Time twice, that is another challenge…time, I haven’t got much of a time to get a PhD locally, I already have a kid in tow who is starting to go into puberty, being a mommy posts a part-time doctorate disaster…

It is almost September 2013 and this is when scholarship announcements for the next school year just flies in to my inbox. I have subscribed for such announcements just in case one institution may be kind enough to offer me a position in their research program with an add on for a studentship.

Oh well, I already had my masters six years ago and that seems ages…or is it the frustration of not having my GHG qualification yet….still EPt(GHG) attached to my name.  It is really tempting to get more education because I feel I am not learning anything new anymore.

Though feeling some sense of financial stability at the moment, it still scares me what lies ahead. I feel so mediocre in my current assignments as if I am not moving forward with confidence.  That sounds familiar. Why do I have wind turbines in this post anyway?

Maybe having those wind turbines means that’s what I have to look forward to. Is it me, is it my office or there really is something wrong with my country because nothing is just moving forward.



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Travel Safe


For my hundredth post, I’ve decided to write about something on travelling.  A week ago, it was my first travel to Zamboanga City in Southern Philippines. Travel advisories have been abound against travelling to that area and that perception has added to a certain degree of caution on my part but I have to realize that travelling is part of my job. How can you have a good sense of the environment if you are stuck in the office doing paper work.

As we touched down the runway of Zamboanga City airport, the airframe of an old aircraft can be seen. I was lucky enough to get a closer look since my audit site was just beside the Sulu Air Wreckage and I had taken some good shots of the wreck. That DC aircraft was historical, it was a chartered flight from Zamboanga to Jolo, Sulu, or the other way around I guess,  when it was hijacked by the prevailing Moro separatist groups forcing the crew the crash the aircraft. Now it is just in one of the old hangars in the airport.

Working safe is essential, and to achieve that, a proper assessment of the risks involved must be well thought of. I came into the field of environmental research because I was craving adventure during my younger years and have been to places that my peers have not been such as confined spaces that require a buddy to ensure safety. A safe working environment is very important.

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The Pig is Getting Big


I guess this opensource pig was the source of that pig  which won the logo design contest when I was still spending my time with the Philippine Methane Initiative. I haven’t had any connection with my former colleagues but one thing’s for sure, pig waste and manure management have always had a big potential towards emission reduction projects that can be sold in the carbon markets.

For this year, I have experienced very minimal opportunities of dipping into the carbon markets, though I have planned a great snow dive a few years back, there just seems to be no big ocean to dive on. It forces me to become cautious because I might get injured if I dived into shallow waters, especially if that guy on that cubicle is making the pool  more crowded. No bones being broken please! I do miss emission reduction project developments. Though my prior experience was limited to capacity building on making technical people understand what the carbon markets was all about, it was one heck of a great fun! I really do miss this pig quite a while.

DSC04697 - Copy


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Hopping Around!

Happy Easter everyone, but it seems my mind is hopping around. I have so much reports to finish after this long weekend but I have only completed a couple…five more to go. I just can’t seem to focus my attention on finishing my work deadlines though I am given enough time to complete everything….

… I remember a former colleague who just could not finish any task because her mind just keeps on wandering away like problems at home, love life, past and future, blah blah blah… Oh Lord!  I do not want to end up that way, especially when I would think about my retirement…

Honestly, I am quite hounded by simple day to day stuff like doing the laundry, dishes, cooking, etc etc etc which I feel can be done by my soon to be 10 year old daughter…who is acting just like a baby all the time, oh man, she literally is a baby…  but she is like 5’2…oh man.

I feel I can do more, if I could not be bogged down by domestic challenges such as cleaning up my daughters mess! cleaning the bathroom, etc etc etc.

I am supposed to finish a couple of work notes on GHG yet I just can’t seem to put things together, time just flies and my output just stays as it is. Oh well…


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An opportunity is an opportunity

Due to incomplete documentation, my scholarship applications have been unsuccessful, maybe going back to the academe is not my thing. Every time I direct my attention to become an academic, or teaching per se, a minor lapse or glitch always prevents me from further pursuit of that line of work.

I already gained my masters degree more than five years ago and the five years lull have been quite a disadvantage in moving towards a doctorate.  Though that door had closed, I guess a greater opportunity is in place on my part in terms of focusing and polishing my technical skills in GHG verification.

Similarly, I had such an experience in my initial forays into EMS auditing, EIA preparation and any specialized skill I have gained for the past 13 years.  I may feel some jitters and I would initially start questioning my competence, but I guess that makes me a normal person, I have encountered a few who pretend to know a lot, when in fact, they are just as hollow as rotten logs. I would rather be humble and prove myself worthy.

Teaching would have been a lot easier, but whatever force or lets say Higher Power is pushing me towards this highly specialized field…maybe it is for my good, but  that good is quite, hmmm difficult, analyzing that much data could give me such a headache.  Well, at times I would imagine myself working for a non-profit organization or just sitting in an office supporting HSE stuff….but current opportunities are in places where I have to be in fire retardant personal protective equipment…maybe the hazard pay is good, but is it for the good of mankind?

An opportunity is an opportunity, sometimes you have to go through certain paths, though difficult is essential for your growth, teaching is an easy path…but I guess I may be needed somewhere else.


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Aerial Spraying Operations

Aerial Spraying Operations


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January 18, 2013 · 6:54 am

Professional Attachment

Professional AttachmentI just received an email from ECO Canada and I  already got an EPt(GHG) qualification. Something that I could finally attach to my name. As much as possible, I need validation about my qualification. There is so much to learn, so much to see and I believe the world has so much to offer.  Yet things could not be maximized .



September 12, 2012 · 11:03 am