Understanding GHG Verification

During my first foray in GHG verification in 2011, the best advise given to me was just to do it. Do the the inventory, accounting and verification hands-on and learn from it. No amount of workshops or classroom trainings can provide the necessary skill without actually doing it.

What happened to the people that have trained me on this skill?  Well for one, they no longer think it is relevant because the traditional carbon markets and emissions trading schemes are now closing or ending, because these schemes are based on the Kyoto Protocol.  Trained in a Non-Annex I country without a clear mitigation policy can somewhat make some thing irrelevant given the current context.

The question is, will there be real opportunities now that the Philippines has ratified the Paris Agreements? But the question is, does everyone know what is the implication to the Philippines of the Paris Agreements?  Honestly, I love my work and I know I’m somewhat at the forefront of it, but I have been branded HFC and RAC&F for a while because of my assignment in Cool Contributions fighting  Climate Change.  Also, my inclinations towards safety.

This is something that I love doing, have done quite well in the past and would like to focus my attention soon but it seems, there is an information gap that reduces opportunities.