Shallow thoughts and strong principles

During my early years in implementing EMS, most people in the organization have started out programmes such as making a song about the environment, poster making contests or tree-hugging events in lieu of tree plantings. In a less mature organization, these programs are acceptable, since environmental performance targets are still in the baseline data gathering …

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Hopping Around!

Happy Easter everyone, but it seems my mind is hopping around. I have so much reports to finish after this long weekend but I have only completed a couple...five more to go. I just can't seem to focus my attention on finishing my work deadlines though I am given enough time to complete everything.... ... …

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Manila Bay plan splits Aguilars of Las Piñas

Manila Bay plan splits Aguilars of Las Piñas. Someone once told me that I should now start selling our property because people now still do not have an idea that climate change will soon impact our community and what was once land will soon be water reclaimed by sea. It was quite depressing because I …

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