Signing of Climate Change Act“Continuing with what I’ve started.  A blog on my daily work challenges while working for the environment.”

I started this blog in 2009 after the signing of the Climate Change Act, at a time when Ondoy/Ketsana ravaged Metro Manila and surrounding provinces. Working for the environment is not a fad, I have been doing it since 2000 and its not about “Going Green”…its about measurable performance, carrying capacities and ambient standards….

I guess fate has been kind to me, prior to Ondoy, I had the opportunity to become involved in a Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventory Project in 2007 and a Biofuel Clean Development Mechanism project in 2008 enabling me to have hands-on experience in both organizational and project-based GHG inventory and accounting before Ondoy came in 2009.

Now everyone is riding the GHG bandwagon. This blog was started in 22 October 2009, the day the Philippine Government signed Republic Act 9729 or the Philippine Climate Change Act.

Looking forward, I am currently looking for opportunities to be involved in Climate Change Verification activities for carbon markets and GHG emission reduction schemes.

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