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Climate Change Adapting

Climate Change Adapting


Walking home after an appointment was cancelled.  Please, don’t let us believe that this is God’s Wrath for corruption, this is just another impact of rising sea levels.  Climate change is already here, we just need to adapt to it.


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August 20, 2013 · 12:25 pm

‘Lolong’ Dies In Captivity…Mourning Mode

taken from professional heckler…

It is really sad to hear the news of Lolong dying in captivity.  Not only of the townsfolk where he had spent his last days but generally the wildlife and biodiversity situation here in the Philippines. The Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau and the local government unit which captured the crocodile were not in good terms in terms of handling the world’s largest crocodile, somewhat, I do agree with PETA’s stance to release the crocodile to wild  that can assure its  physical health while in its natural habitat, but the problem however is that his natural habitat is now shared with the local people who occasionally fall prey to the crocodiles.


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Aerial Spraying Operations

Aerial Spraying Operations

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January 18, 2013 · 6:54 am

Living, Learning and Adapting

Living, Learning and Adapting

Recto Underpass as posted in the Manila Standard Today

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August 9, 2012 · 9:09 am

Mt. Apo, Davao City and My Frustration About Land Use

My body has started to hate flying, especially during landing. This is after I was diagnosed with otitis media which swells up my sinuses, ear drum  and other mucus membranes in my respiratory tract during the sudden increase in air pressure.   It is weird because, I also feel the same as I ride a vehicle coming down a mountain.

After acquiring my Olympus E-PL 2, I have started to do some minor photography and this aerial shot of Mount Apo in Mindanao was one of those leisurely shots prior to landing to get my mind off my swollen ears.  The pilot made a good angle, but obviously, being on the foothills of a mountain, in this case a dormant volcano poses quite a risk.

We really could not impose structured land use and settlement planning given the rate of population growth and the greater autonomy of local governments. We can live our lives quietly and wait for disaster to happen just like what is happening now outside our gates.

Land use is supposed to be planned. I know based on the books I have read and my academic training, but there are other issues such as social justice and equitable distribution of resources.  It seems everyone has a right to own land, regardless whether that land is a volcano or other geological hazards that can threaten our safety.

I do not want to go into the reproductive health debate but where will we get land for the burgeoning population? Land is scarce and that has been proven by David Ricardo centuries ago, the entire world is mapped, there are no new frontiers to be discovered, what we need is conservation and I believe being conservative a virtuous principle, including transparency, accuracy, relevance, consistency and consistency.

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August 7, 2012 · 11:04 am

Land Use and Land Reform

When land issues become politicized, things become complicated. However political the Coase Theorem on property rights is, it is still an environmental solution.  I think we now live in violent times. However we want peace and knew the lessons of war, war can at times be needed to cleanse a nation of its ills.  These are times of conflict, not only from an external threat but also within our own skins.

I am not a proponent of war, I guess I am more of a proponent of land use and the public clamor for land reform I believe can lead to war.  War may be the extreme form of conflict but I believe conflict is already here. We can be friendly and kind with our neighbors, but deep inside there is fire burning for reform.

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Whoa! Seven Billion…

Is the MDG the next great evil?

The are now seven (7) billion people in the world. Such growth in population has gone against the laws of nature.  In my population dynamics course, if the population of a species rapidly increases, then there must be something wrong with the environmental conditions, there is no environmental pressure to regulate growth. How do you feed everybody?

I really don’t know anybody from our neighborhood who understands the Millennium Development Goals or the MDGs. Even the local leaders of our community barely have an idea of what are the MDGs.  For me the MDGs are simply as follows:  One, don’t get hungry, learn to cook;  Two, don’t get dumb;  Three, don’t fall in love hard; Four, don’t beat up kids cause you fell in love hard;  Five, don’t fall in love hard again and again to the point that you get pregnant;  Six, don’t fall in love harder (you’ll get sick); Seven, be like maray. Too logical, no sex life….therefore no population growth…but an awakening to God’s purpose for my life.  Love God above everything else, love your neighbors as you love yourself. …please, I don’t want to go into that population debate…

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