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Land Use and Land Reform

When land issues become politicized, things become complicated. However political the Coase Theorem on property rights is, it is still an environmental solution.  I think we now live in violent times. However we want peace and knew the lessons of war, war can at times be needed to cleanse a nation of its ills.  These are times of conflict, not only from an external threat but also within our own skins.

I am not a proponent of war, I guess I am more of a proponent of land use and the public clamor for land reform I believe can lead to war.  War may be the extreme form of conflict but I believe conflict is already here. We can be friendly and kind with our neighbors, but deep inside there is fire burning for reform.


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Realities and Technicalities

Someone told me that mitigating and adapting to climate change is like getting coffee. You really need to get your coffee but someone offers you a cappuccino and that cappuccino is the carbon markets. Now that climate change is the “IN” thing and Manila Bay is experiencing storm surges (and people think it is due to structural deficiencies in the sea wall) and weird storm and typhoon frequency, most people should believe that climate change is a real thing. However, there are still people who think that carbon credits occurs mutually exclusive from climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

McDonalds in Bangkok Floodwaters

In memory of my old blog, Fast Food Greenwash (can’t stop myself from experiencing grief  from the loss of access to that blog), above is the photo of Bangkok deep in inexplicable flood waters.  Similarly, I could still hear a number of people who says that the Bangkok flood is not related to the climate change phenomenon, when smack in our faces, it is.

Nothing else to do but adapt, and of course whine about the damage being done since the Seven (7) Billion people must go on with their carbon intensive lifestyles.  Now to retain this carbon intensive status quo,  some of the more intensive will have to buy some carbon credits.  Regardless of the realities occurring, we have to deal with technicalities such as the buying of carbon credits. Regardless of my intensive use of energy for this evening’s post, I still live in a country that is somewhat carbon neutral and that gives me the right to waste, some of it.  I’m getting my cappuccino, in an instant coffee society.

The technicality of the carbon markets could not be easily understood by the local leaders in my community, though on our part there is an urgency for us to adapt or mitigate as required by that type of market because it depends on our survival.

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