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The Burden of a Hundred Millionth Filipino

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Way back in college, during my days of SOSC I,  there were only 75 Million Filipinos based on the 1995 population census. I just got back the office today to be welcomed by public school teachers conducting pre-census for 2015.  It is confirmed, the Philippines has reached its 100 million population mark this year and the 2015 census is a confirmation.

It is quite surprising that after the announcement, no one seemed alarmed of the challenge that a hundred million population would bring given the limited resources endowed in this country. My first class in resource economics totally changed my outlook in college, the Philippines has lost its endowment and optimizing resource use is difficult.

Why no big deal about this? Is it a good or a bad thing?  The point is, there lies a challenge ahead and no one is anticipating the burden that something like this will bring about.  If there is a population, there is a population pressure. The science of demographics has been developed to objectively analyze things.

However, analysis is skewed and biased to those who will benefit from the data. Objectivity is rare this days, everyone is self serving. The self serving nature will cloud up the data, until things are totally problematic.



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Earth Houring, Crowd Sourcing and Trafficking.

Time flew fast.   I just finished earth hour.  I didn’t stay home, I was driving during the course of earth hour and changes in local government jurisdiction also changed the lighting condition of roads. It is only now that I realized that lack of lighting can be hazardous specially towards traffic, increasing the risk of traffic accidents. Whoa!  Are we supposed to pull-over during earth hour, but that will waste an hour of travel. First time, an earth hour paradox had occurred.

The last time I was active for Earth Hour / SWITCH 2010 when I have to go to the Mall of Asia to join the concert of darkness organized by WWF but the for the previous years I just spent it at home. This year, fully unaware what time it was, I was driving.

Anyway, Spiderman was supporting the Earth Hour movement. Things are changing, because now Earth Hour has funded environmental improvement projects.  Does this make economic sense? Of course, environmental improvement has an economic value and any degradation is a loss of value.  Everyone has a responsibility to internalize their externalities.



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Shallow thoughts and strong principles

During my early years in implementing EMS, most people in the organization have started out programmes such as making a song about the environment, poster making contests or tree-hugging events in lieu of tree plantings. In a less mature organization, these programs are acceptable, since environmental performance targets are still in the baseline data gathering stage, but if such programs still exists after 10 years yet building system chillers are rotting away eating up so much energy during normal operational conditions, then the organization has remained in a position of shallow thoughts rather than of strong principles.

The way people have thought about me have also ranged from shallow thoughts to strong principles, I know some people have a tendency to assume and judge, maximizing their inductive reasoning or people I have known for years putting me in a pedestal.  Maybe now, I had hoped to have people around to share the same principles of having developed specific performance targets and long term continual improvement goals and could at least do away with poster-making, songwriting or tree-hugging for the sake of greenwashing.

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‘Lolong’ Dies In Captivity…Mourning Mode

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It is really sad to hear the news of Lolong dying in captivity.  Not only of the townsfolk where he had spent his last days but generally the wildlife and biodiversity situation here in the Philippines. The Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau and the local government unit which captured the crocodile were not in good terms in terms of handling the world’s largest crocodile, somewhat, I do agree with PETA’s stance to release the crocodile to wild  that can assure its  physical health while in its natural habitat, but the problem however is that his natural habitat is now shared with the local people who occasionally fall prey to the crocodiles.


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Aerial Spraying Operations

Aerial Spraying Operations

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January 18, 2013 · 6:54 am

I think climate change is here

Its funny how people being interviewed on TV saying that they did not expect something like Ondoy would recur in three (3) years time, well it did and there wasn’t even a typhoon to blame just the usual Southwest Monsoon that we experience every year since the last ice age.

In the Philippines, climate change is still not yet a mainstream idea.  When the western world is already willing to pay us for adapting to climate change, people still could not grasp the totality and reality of climate change which what happened a week ago. In October 2009, when I started this blog, the country was bombarded with Climate change propaganda. But that seems to be it, a propaganda that will soon fade, just like the peak and trough propaganda being bombarded by the government.

It is a reality, yet we could not connect the dots and could not understand the phenomenon. For the past five (5) years I have been wanting to become a GHG auditor/climate change verifier but with things happening around me, it makes me think if what I am doing does make sense.  Literature has constantly reminded me that a country like the Philippines doesn’t need GHG mitigation efforts but rather climate change adaptation efforts.  If we are going to invest in wind turbines that will just be toppled down by the annual monsoon, why is the western world willing to pay us for something that is obviously  a risky investment?

Is it for the sake of brotherhood and the good of mankind? My economic training says otherwise. What am I supposed to do? Adapt or die? The recent disaster enlightened us that that there are many ways that people can die due to climate change, majority died of drowning after gushing flood waters topple everything in its path. People got hit by lightning and a number got electrocuted when live electric wires made contact with flood water.  Others died of a heart attack when they just got overwhelmed of such a disaster happening in front of them. Gradually, fatalities can also be caused by diseases such as leptospirosis, dengue hemorrhagic fever or even the flu or the common cold.

In 2009, grants, aids, loans, etc. and other financial pledges had awashed the Philippines to adapt to climate change, after three years, the results were, you know mediocre like any investment made in this country.

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Living, Learning and Adapting

Living, Learning and Adapting

Recto Underpass as posted in the Manila Standard Today

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August 9, 2012 · 9:09 am