The Academic Temptation


I am currently being tempted to apply for a PhD Scholarship, I know the rejection feels really really bad and it hurts so much, but I am so tempted to dive back into it.  I have been rejected due to over qualification, they feel my current affiliation with a big time testing, inspection and certification firm does not make me eligible for financial assistance, as if my current salary could pay their big time doctorate tuition fees.  I’m from a developing country, I couldn’t afford that.

Mentioning the word Big Time twice, that is another challenge…time, I haven’t got much of a time to get a PhD locally, I already have a kid in tow who is starting to go into puberty, being a mommy posts a part-time doctorate disaster…

It is almost September 2013 and this is when scholarship announcements for the next school year just flies in to my inbox. I have subscribed for such announcements just in case one institution may be kind enough to offer me a position in their research program with an add on for a studentship.

Oh well, I already had my masters six years ago and that seems ages…or is it the frustration of not having my GHG qualification yet….still EPt(GHG) attached to my name.  It is really tempting to get more education because I feel I am not learning anything new anymore.

Though feeling some sense of financial stability at the moment, it still scares me what lies ahead. I feel so mediocre in my current assignments as if I am not moving forward with confidence.  That sounds familiar. Why do I have wind turbines in this post anyway?

Maybe having those wind turbines means that’s what I have to look forward to. Is it me, is it my office or there really is something wrong with my country because nothing is just moving forward.

5 thoughts on “The Academic Temptation

  1. For what my opinion is worth, I say go for it. Once your done with the program you’ll have the option to (I’m assuming this. I know nothing about your field) teach a course on (whatever you do) at the university level. Might as well.

  2. This is our first time we visit here. I came across so many entertaining stuff in your blog, specifically its conversation. From the a lot of comments on your posts, I assume I am not the only one having every one of the enjoyment the following! Keep up the excellent work.

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