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Waking Up Fire Retardant

Waking Up Fire Retardant

I never expect that I would do work for the oil and gas industry, but currently most of my GHG verification opportunities have been related to oil and gas from upstream to downstream. It is only now that I started driving and getting fuel for my vehicle has always been convenient, we have always been dependent on fossil fuels that most of us could not imagine what will life be like without gasoline, diesel, LPG or even natural gas.

Investments in oil and gas infrastructure have been massive since we have been used to it. It is extremely hazardous but safety had been a primary concern.  A spark can flame up any fugitive emissions that is released in the common storage and handling process that having a cotton/fire retardant clothing is mandatory.  The industry is already forced to reduce its overall emissions, we are still slow in implementing investments to alternative fuels and renewable energy.

I am mind-boggled by how limited and minimal or even blocked efforts have been to achieve a low carbon economy.


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August 11, 2013 · 5:40 am

Travel Safe


For my hundredth post, I’ve decided to write about something on travelling.  A week ago, it was my first travel to Zamboanga City in Southern Philippines. Travel advisories have been abound against travelling to that area and that perception has added to a certain degree of caution on my part but I have to realize that travelling is part of my job. How can you have a good sense of the environment if you are stuck in the office doing paper work.

As we touched down the runway of Zamboanga City airport, the airframe of an old aircraft can be seen. I was lucky enough to get a closer look since my audit site was just beside the Sulu Air Wreckage and I had taken some good shots of the wreck. That DC aircraft was historical, it was a chartered flight from Zamboanga to Jolo, Sulu, or the other way around I guess,  when it was hijacked by the prevailing Moro separatist groups forcing the crew the crash the aircraft. Now it is just in one of the old hangars in the airport.

Working safe is essential, and to achieve that, a proper assessment of the risks involved must be well thought of. I came into the field of environmental research because I was craving adventure during my younger years and have been to places that my peers have not been such as confined spaces that require a buddy to ensure safety. A safe working environment is very important.

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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

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September 8, 2012 · 1:31 pm