Hopping Around!

Happy Easter everyone, but it seems my mind is hopping around. I have so much reports to finish after this long weekend but I have only completed a couple…five more to go. I just can’t seem to focus my attention on finishing my work deadlines though I am given enough time to complete everything….

… I remember a former colleague who just could not finish any task because her mind just keeps on wandering away like problems at home, love life, past and future, blah blah blah… Oh Lord!  I do not want to end up that way, especially when I would think about my retirement…

Honestly, I am quite hounded by simple day to day stuff like doing the laundry, dishes, cooking, etc etc etc which I feel can be done by my soon to be 10 year old daughter…who is acting just like a baby all the time, oh man, she literally is a baby…  but she is like 5’2…oh man.

I feel I can do more, if I could not be bogged down by domestic challenges such as cleaning up my daughters mess! cleaning the bathroom, etc etc etc.

I am supposed to finish a couple of work notes on GHG yet I just can’t seem to put things together, time just flies and my output just stays as it is. Oh well…


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Filed under Climate Change, Greenwash, Sustainability

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