Burgos on the Last Days of CDM


The 150 Megawatt (MW) Burgos Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte, Philippines was commissioned in 2014, the picture was from the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) websiteSadly, I was never involved in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Validation Process. Sharing the publicly available validation report and the monitoring report for crediting of Certified Emission Reductions (CER) from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). CERs will still be credited to the Burgos Wind Power project until 2021.  With the Paris Agreements, the Kyoto Mechanisms will indeed change into something else, this is what the others would call the death of CDM.

I have to emphasize sadly because I was really disappointed that I was not involved in the process.  I just proofed-read the validation report with no acknowledgment regarding my contribution.  I still get that feeling of regret and somewhat resentment I had with Adarne, the relationship was weird and strange. The point is, why can’t men be honest for the sake of professionalism.  I felt like my goal is a joke.

This is the first day of 2020 and I think this period in time is far enough into the future to look back and reflect on it and make it a learning experience. Time truly flies fast, like its running on a jet engine. I am very grateful that I have been involved in more work on the carbon markets and climate change at the policy level. The opportunities in implementing the Paris Agreements are vast as I look into the horizon.  Often, there is still this big disconnect in climate policy negotiations and what is happening on the ground.

Technologies have improved leaps and bounds as I’ve seen in Copenhagen, Siemens-Gamesa can produce an 11 MW wind turbine and a gigawatt capacity wind farm can run cost effectively without any subsidies or feed-in tariffs operating competitively with  coal ceteris paribus. Burgos is operated by Vestas which is now 50% acquired by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).  There are just so many changes, I have to get back on track, pending reports are still underway…

Rewriting my Academic Temptation


In 2013, I wrote my blog post on my academic temptation to dive back to graduate school. Back then, I was contemplating on getting a PhD and posted a stock photo of wind turbines. I never really understood why my subconscious chose a wind turbine, maybe now I know.

In November 2019, I had a opportunity to attend Wind Europe 2019 Offshore with the conference fees sponsored by the Global Wind Organization (GWO).  It was a great experience overshadowing my trip to Paris.  Honestly, I was not as excited for Paris than I was for Copenhagen.

From 2014, I performed a number conformity assessment jobs for Bureau Veritas. With Nordex Acciona on the legal and compliance requirements for setting up Wind Power Projects for BV Hamburg and I served as team lead for the GWO Certification of Consolidated Training Systems Inc. (CTSI) for BV Denmark. Both are fruitful experiences that allowed me to find opportunities to work on what the German’s refer to as the Energiewende allowing me to find a job opening for GIZ in which I guess I was the only qualified person to do technically, though not politically.

There are times when I would feel that political backing and patronage can be more valuable than your innate technical knowledge and experience.  For my family, nobody really knows what I’m working on except that it has something to do with climate change.

20191128_123055_HDRStrange things do happen after six years. I went back to graduate school not for a PhD, I ended up taking another masters degree on occupational health. Its a professional degree but I chose to write a thesis to get that goal to publish something in a peer reviewed journal.  Nobody really understood why I did that but I think its a truly satisfying experience. Anyway, not having  another masters degree is equivalent to just a bachelors degree after undergoing an equivalency assessment of  my academic records.

I don’t feel bad that I am not getting a PhD yet but I do feel motivated and inspired in writing something that would be of value to the Kigali Amendments to the Montreal Protocol.  Though I’m still at the proposal writing stage and getting through the initial hurdle of research ethics review on human subjects, I do feel optimistic about it…procrastination do sink in sometimes…still tempted to go further???


From Off-Grid to Offshore

Have mixed feelings about my future, but for the month of November 2019, I will try to be positive and slowly post my renewable energy journey or more like an Energy Transition journey from off-grid to offshore in preparation for 2020.


Starting with an off-grid Solar PV installation at  TESDA. Please acknowledge that the picture originally came from me.  At this point, there is so much uncertainty about the future but several things are certain about Solar Energy.  The cost of solar has been reduced significantly that an installation can provide adequate returns in 5 to 7 years. Now its worth it, plus add an ultra-efficient cooling system running on natural refrigerants, then you can easily achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Frustrations? Yes, several, have had a long list of things that are extremely frustrating about this since I started blogging in 2009. The list even persists longer prior to that. Some have nothing to do with the slow uptake of renewable energy technologies.  Others have something to do with being in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Loving what I do, though not loving where I’m at. Looking forward to what I will post at the end of the month…when I reach offshore!

Consciously Coming to Copenhagen


I told myself that if I won the raffle for Wind Europe 2019 I’ll come to Copenhagen and just spend part of my holiday trip there.

As of 31 October 2019, I won.  Wow, already booked my flight to Copenhagen via SAS on the 26th from Paris, will be a bit late, though. I will also be late on the 25th since I just flew in from Taipei on that morning.

I had to make major itinerary changes.  Luckily, it was also Paris Climate Finance Week and I have to attend to two (2) events on the 25th and the 29th.  However, this is part of my birthday week and celebration weekend. Crazy mix of business and pleasure. I am now only left with visiting Paris with just 2.5 days from November 30 and December 1. Will be flying back on December 2.  Huh! Maybe I should not come to the Climate Finance Day Event and just spend the day sightseeing. 

After the Air Conditioning Transition proposal for the NAMA Facility I feel  a strong urge to make changes, to work on renewable energy and more work on the energy transition or as the Germans say Energiewende and of course on climate finance.  I have no background on finance per se but I do have a strong background on GHG verification and ensuring the integrity of a ton of CO2eq mitigated.

Been listening to K-pop lately (long shot…), the last time I went to South Korea was on April 2014 for Myda’s birthday and as a side trip, I went to Songdo in Incheon to look for employment opportunities in the Green Climate Fund or GCF.  I never really fully understood the purpose of the GCF until I worked for GIZ which has been very keen on getting a GCF project.  The process was extremely similar to the call for proposals of the NAMA Facility funded by the German Environment Ministry and the British Ministry of Trade.  I am not sure if I had written about it in detail but we did participate on the 6th Call of the NAMA Facility which was an intense whirlwind I had this year.

It was crazy,  beating deadlines and soliciting commitments from our project partners. I don’t know if we could make it again, it takes a lot of integrity on our part, to prove ourselves beyond our idealistic principles of natural refrigerants in terms of coefficient of performance, safety and of course conformity assessment to international standards.  Sometimes though I feel like I don’t belong to this global program.  I love what I do but somebody at the North Sea seemed to be calling me. OK let’s go to Copenhagen, just try. We’ll see.



The tide is high and low

There is so much work needed to get an offshore wind turbine up and running, though I am not advertising Siemens, which by the way is already merged with Gamesa…  Right now, working on climate change policy have some aspects on renewable energy, but I haven’t really had any specific job or task related to […]

The complicated world of technology transfer for climate change

Its been seven years already since I came across my first technology transfer project on climate change mitigation.  Anaerobic biodigesters at that time, was seen as a major force in methane capture and waste to energy as part of the Clean Development Mechanism or CDM.  The Philippines was seen as having a very large potential due to the widespread practice of microscale pig farmers which is embedded in our Filipino culture. Also, the concept and projects have taken off in Thailand and had been earning enough from emission trading schemes.


So what happened after seven years? Not much really but of course there was the camaraderie developed among the trainers and project implementers.  Though the funding from the US EPA has somewhat died down.

When a technology is transferred, how do you sustain it? How do you localize it, how do you make it a point everyone will work on it with a common goal in mind?