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The Burden of a Hundred Millionth Filipino

crab sauce

Way back in college, during my days of SOSC I,  there were only 75 Million Filipinos based on the 1995 population census. I just got back the office today to be welcomed by public school teachers conducting pre-census for 2015.  It is confirmed, the Philippines has reached its 100 million population mark this year and the 2015 census is a confirmation.

It is quite surprising that after the announcement, no one seemed alarmed of the challenge that a hundred million population would bring given the limited resources endowed in this country. My first class in resource economics totally changed my outlook in college, the Philippines has lost its endowment and optimizing resource use is difficult.

Why no big deal about this? Is it a good or a bad thing?  The point is, there lies a challenge ahead and no one is anticipating the burden that something like this will bring about.  If there is a population, there is a population pressure. The science of demographics has been developed to objectively analyze things.

However, analysis is skewed and biased to those who will benefit from the data. Objectivity is rare this days, everyone is self serving. The self serving nature will cloud up the data, until things are totally problematic.



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Beyond The Rolling Hills

Beyond The Rolling Hills

Just got back from Malandag, Sarangani Province in Mindanao. We took a land trip to Davao City and the flight back to Manila was horrible. We have to go through a three to four hour delay due to bad weather. Davao City was on halt due to flooding. Upland in Sarangani, flooding is not an issue but the lack of forest cover is sure less protection from  a heavy down pour down  hill.

Clear cut land is a usual site in my travels and it has been common in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  Land has not been properly utilized to maximize its benefits. People in power and  the mass and hordes of proverty stricken people have brazenly utilized land towards degradation without foreseeing the possible tragedies that may lie ahead. Regardless of periodic and seasonal tragedies that were already experienced, not much has changed. Population grows grows grows and land is used brazenly, may be this is what we really want small steps towards our total destruction or we just make ourselves blind because not knowing is not hurting.

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November 1, 2013 · 1:38 pm

Taking Things Lightly and Oily

Work has been horrible for the past few weeks that I decided to take things lightly.  The stress has caused me to breakout that’s why I decided to change my skincare routine. Ok…i’ll talk about my skin care routine for a change.

I guess this is  my third year being a dealer of human heart nature. I’m sharing the link to their website (http://www.humanheartnature.com/) and choose your location wherever you may be in the world.  For the first time, I tried to shift from oil-free cleansing to oil cleansing. I did some major research before trying it out but to be safe, I stuck with Human Heart Nature Sunflower Cleansing Oil which I have been promoting to my friends and coworkers.  A couple of friends have already bought their bottles from me  but it is only now that I have to try it myself.

I was almost tempted to buy something from the The Face Shop but reading the ingredients which specified Mineral Oil as the main ingredient and having a price that was twice that of human nature,  I really have to turn away from it.  It has been three days since I used  this cleansing oil. The instruction reads that after using, I have to follow up with another facial wash but researching for oil cleansing routine over the internet, it seems it is much preferable to use it alone then just wipe it off with a warm washcloth and you are good to go.

I always had the misconception that oils will just make my skin more oily but after three days of oil cleansing, I’ve noticed that my skin seems more balanced and the breakouts from the past week are slowly drying up, though there are some new zits starting to flare out.  I still have to see after a few weeks if the “oil cleansing method” will balance things out for me because honestly, it’s far more convenient. I have temporarily stopped using my balancing facial wash and balancing toner also from human heart nature so from three steps skincare, I am currently at two-steps.  I still use my E’thym Collagen Water Moisture Lotion from the The Face Shop.  Praying hard that The Face Shop is truthful in promoting that their E’thym Skin Care line is mineral oil free, paraben free, benzonephenone free, colorant free, triethanolmanine free—hopefully.  I’m sure it is not fragrance free because it just smells great!

Slowly moving into my mid-thirties, I had become more OC about skincare. Let’s just wait and see, hope things will improve.

XOXO – Mara


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Shallow thoughts and strong principles

During my early years in implementing EMS, most people in the organization have started out programmes such as making a song about the environment, poster making contests or tree-hugging events in lieu of tree plantings. In a less mature organization, these programs are acceptable, since environmental performance targets are still in the baseline data gathering stage, but if such programs still exists after 10 years yet building system chillers are rotting away eating up so much energy during normal operational conditions, then the organization has remained in a position of shallow thoughts rather than of strong principles.

The way people have thought about me have also ranged from shallow thoughts to strong principles, I know some people have a tendency to assume and judge, maximizing their inductive reasoning or people I have known for years putting me in a pedestal.  Maybe now, I had hoped to have people around to share the same principles of having developed specific performance targets and long term continual improvement goals and could at least do away with poster-making, songwriting or tree-hugging for the sake of greenwashing.

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What to do during Earth Hour

What to do during Earth Hour

Playing with LED lights during Earth Hour 2013. What can we do with one hour without energy? I took the extra step to turning of my  entire electrical circuit break, not limiting to lights…totally no power!

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Feeling Electric

I have to admit, I am paranoid about electrical consumption. I have had a very bad experience in the past and someone knowing me personally could understand this mindset of how valuable electricity is to me. The problem however is that none in my family share this same passion about becoming  energy efficient and saving on power cost as if electricity is as free flowing as water…well that’s another problem!

News came out that there will be an increase in power rates in Metro Manila, people could not understand why electricity is so expensive, it is dictated by the market and the infrastructure available.  The market is forcing us to become energy efficient and that does not give us the right to pilfer electricity. This mindset is an economic failure, everyone around me wants to pilfer energy and I have realized how easy it is to do something like that after having the electrical wiring at home fixed. Any electrician can do it.

Honestly, it is very difficult to produce energy. A number of EDC personnel are currently perishing in Kananga, Leyte due to landslides in the geothermal field. I have  been to Kananga and have also seen natural gas, coal, bunker and hydroelectric plants and everything is complicated and difficult.

Leaving that charger in the electric outlet did blew my fuse!

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Master Cleansing

Master Cleansing

Trying the master cleanse or lemonade diet. Will it work? I’ll never now unless I try.

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January 26, 2013 · 1:33 pm