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Remote Locations

Spent four days in a remote location. I was trying to practice night photography during one of those free times at night.  Power plants have to be in remote locations which is the norm but no one can stop population growth and urbanization that one day, remote locations are no longer remote anymore. We may have to move these power generating facilities offshore.  If we come to think of it, maybe the aggregate impact of population growth and uncontrolled urbanization without adequate land use planning may emit more greenhouse gas than a thermal power plant, just may be, but without the proper inventory we really could not tell.



October 6, 2013 · 12:29 pm

Waking Up Fire Retardant

Waking Up Fire Retardant

I never expect that I would do work for the oil and gas industry, but currently most of my GHG verification opportunities have been related to oil and gas from upstream to downstream. It is only now that I started driving and getting fuel for my vehicle has always been convenient, we have always been dependent on fossil fuels that most of us could not imagine what will life be like without gasoline, diesel, LPG or even natural gas.

Investments in oil and gas infrastructure have been massive since we have been used to it. It is extremely hazardous but safety had been a primary concern.  A spark can flame up any fugitive emissions that is released in the common storage and handling process that having a cotton/fire retardant clothing is mandatory.  The industry is already forced to reduce its overall emissions, we are still slow in implementing investments to alternative fuels and renewable energy.

I am mind-boggled by how limited and minimal or even blocked efforts have been to achieve a low carbon economy.

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August 11, 2013 · 5:40 am

Invest in renewable energy

Invest in renewable energy

I made this banner way back in 2010, before I left the methane to markets project and saying goodbye to my anaerobic biodigester friends.  The phase of development is really slow, renewable energy projects are running at a turtle’s phase here in the Philippines, though I am getting my monthly salary and getting some opportunities to be trained in GHG verification, there seems to be no great impact renewable energy have in policy-making.

The Renewable Energy Act has been around for quite some time yet the impact is not much, now the Philippines is facing an energy crisis where areas within the country face rotating black-outs which could have been prevented by developing small-scale renewable energy projects.   I do miss being a part of a project implementing renewable energy initiatives, even something as small as putting up a small microscale digester in a small farm.  If only such initiatives were replicated similar to what has been done in Vietnam and Cambodia, we won’t have to rely on diesel-powered generators or even power barges that run on carbon emitting fossil fuels.

There is so much opportunity but we just could not see it because… I don’t know… I just don’t understand the policy scenario why opportunities are being missed and our environmental initiatives are just simply for show and not for return on investments.


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April 6, 2012 · 11:09 am

An Anecdote on GPY…DSc

Dr. Graciano P. Yumul, Jr. D.Sc. gracing one of the Biodigester IEC events. Thank you for the methane to markets grant, however we have to put up with Kurt and US EPA

Yumul takes early retirement from DOST, weather bureau


11:27 am | Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
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MANILA, Philippines—The Department of Science and Technology confirmed Wednesday that Graciano Yumul, supervising undersecretary for the weather bureau and DOST Research and Development chief, has retired after 28 years of public service.

DOST spokesperson Mon Liboro said Yumul opted for early retirement after nearly 30 years in public service and turned in his retirement letter on Monday.

Yumul himself issued a brief statement: “Magandang umaga po. Please be informed that starting March 12, 2012, I have optionally retired from government service. Maraming salamat po sa mga naitulong ninyo at sana ay ipagpatuloy nyo pagtulong sa DOST.”

Originally posted at  11:17 am |Wednesday,  Mar. 14, 2012


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Realities and Technicalities

Someone told me that mitigating and adapting to climate change is like getting coffee. You really need to get your coffee but someone offers you a cappuccino and that cappuccino is the carbon markets. Now that climate change is the “IN” thing and Manila Bay is experiencing storm surges (and people think it is due to structural deficiencies in the sea wall) and weird storm and typhoon frequency, most people should believe that climate change is a real thing. However, there are still people who think that carbon credits occurs mutually exclusive from climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

McDonalds in Bangkok Floodwaters

In memory of my old blog, Fast Food Greenwash (can’t stop myself from experiencing grief  from the loss of access to that blog), above is the photo of Bangkok deep in inexplicable flood waters.  Similarly, I could still hear a number of people who says that the Bangkok flood is not related to the climate change phenomenon, when smack in our faces, it is.

Nothing else to do but adapt, and of course whine about the damage being done since the Seven (7) Billion people must go on with their carbon intensive lifestyles.  Now to retain this carbon intensive status quo,  some of the more intensive will have to buy some carbon credits.  Regardless of the realities occurring, we have to deal with technicalities such as the buying of carbon credits. Regardless of my intensive use of energy for this evening’s post, I still live in a country that is somewhat carbon neutral and that gives me the right to waste, some of it.  I’m getting my cappuccino, in an instant coffee society.

The technicality of the carbon markets could not be easily understood by the local leaders in my community, though on our part there is an urgency for us to adapt or mitigate as required by that type of market because it depends on our survival.


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