What to do during Earth Hour

Playing with LED lights during Earth Hour 2013. What can we do with one hour without energy? I took the extra step to turning of my  entire electrical circuit break, not limiting to lights...totally no power!


Consumers must live with rising fuel, power costs—Enrile

Consumers must live with rising fuel, power costs—Enrile. From the Philippine Daily Inquirer Filipino consumers will just have to live with rising fuel and electricity prices, according to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. “Juan de la Cruz and no one else” should be paying more for their electric consumption and petroleum purchases, Enrile said in …

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Luzon power crisis looms—Angara

Luzon power crisis looms—Angara. Is this true? I just could not comprehend this. There is always a barrier in investing in renewable energy and that barrier could be as dumb as doing nothing. I am just wondering if that scenario would be valid in the context of a clean development mechanism project. then all Philippine …

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