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Invest in renewable energy

Invest in renewable energy

I made this banner way back in 2010, before I left the methane to markets project and saying goodbye to my anaerobic biodigester friends.  The phase of development is really slow, renewable energy projects are running at a turtle’s phase here in the Philippines, though I am getting my monthly salary and getting some opportunities to be trained in GHG verification, there seems to be no great impact renewable energy have in policy-making.

The Renewable Energy Act has been around for quite some time yet the impact is not much, now the Philippines is facing an energy crisis where areas within the country face rotating black-outs which could have been prevented by developing small-scale renewable energy projects.   I do miss being a part of a project implementing renewable energy initiatives, even something as small as putting up a small microscale digester in a small farm.  If only such initiatives were replicated similar to what has been done in Vietnam and Cambodia, we won’t have to rely on diesel-powered generators or even power barges that run on carbon emitting fossil fuels.

There is so much opportunity but we just could not see it because… I don’t know… I just don’t understand the policy scenario why opportunities are being missed and our environmental initiatives are just simply for show and not for return on investments.


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April 6, 2012 · 11:09 am

New Month

Honestly, I really love my job at the moment.  Though there are some glitches along the way and the stress of having a tight schedule, I honestly do love my job.  Almost everyone I work with is objective so far rather than having psychopathic delusions, which I do encounter often whenever I open my facebook account but most people I know are quite ok…maybe its a lack of advanced mathematics in their system which truly requires objectivity.

Its finally October 2011, thought I wouldn’t last another day doing verification work but I did get my “informal” qualification last night over dinner, though formally not yet documented or official, I do feel I have some reasonable level of  assurance. I do feel very comfortable with myself. I’m almost thirty two by November and I have basically established who I am as a person. Looking back, I believe my life has been blessed and had been quite adventurous. I no longer have that fire in my heart, thankfully.

I do not think I am lucky, maybe it was just a change in outlook…to notes…to live……….or to thunderbird, or  to whatever email program is available that can increase productivity and efficiency.  Currently, I’m on lotus notes. I do feel lucky this September, though quite tired, I have been wanting so bad to get a training, get a hold of the ISO 14064 standard, so far it materialized, served in a platter in front of me.

In 2007, when I encountered a  glitch  and accidentally became part of a major corporate GHG inventory project, I had hoped to see what is inside the ISO 14064:2006 standard which was launched during the time I was assisting the inventory team. Psychopaths may contest who I am but what is inside my head will always remain there, God gave me the gift of having a good long-term memory, though I may forget the name of someone I just recently met.

In less than five years, I was given a copy of the standard and have a reasonable level of assurance that I can be part of a verification team soon after the proper qualification processes can be done, in a years time maybe…or hopefully.

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