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Hot Oil Treatment


I think I just got duped from buying argan oil online.  The product was obviously a fake because it was not absorbed by OCM cleansed skin the first time I tried it. God bless OCM!  It seems the product I bought was mixed with sunflower oil as carrier oil because doing the same with my  current HHN sunflower oil on hand, the effect was essentially the same, the rate of absorption was the same, the HHN sunflower oil was even absorbed faster when I swatched it together.  I should have known better but it was really difficult to detect if it was bought online, what a waste of money. I was even planning to make it as a gift. It is true, you can not get good, authentic argan oil at such an incredibly low price.

Beware of Diluted Argan Oil-Best Quality Argan Oil is Organic and Cold Pressed.

Talking about oils, I just got back from San Francisco, Agusan del Norte this morning via Butuan. My last encounter with that town was my first EIA assignment for Jollibee Foods Corporation in 2008 when I prepared the Initial Environmental Examination of Jollibee San Francisco.  I haven’t had the time to visit that store located at the town proper similar to what I did with  Jollibee Buhangin Davao, I do feel a bit awkward dropping by and saying hi or hello to the  store managers and checking their current environmental compliance status and asking for difficulties communicating with the corporate office. That was my job five years ago, my job right now is for an ISO audit.

From Butuan City, we went straight ahead to one of the only Palm Oil Plantations here in the Philippines.  Inside it was a Palm Oil Refinery and the palm olein we use in our kitchen is heat processed.  I just read about cosmetic grade oils and food grade oils that we are supposed to eat. Heat processing kills microorganisms that might affect the food supply but it also reduces the cosmetic efficacy of most oils we use.  Palm oil may be good at deep frying food stuff but it is highly not recommended as oil for OCM.

Though I was duped for buying argan oil online, I am now one of the people who swear by the fact that OCM did work for me after a month. One or two pimple broke out in my nose and my sideburns but generally my skin had somewhat improved.  My OCM mixture is not exact. I transferred the castor oil in a 100 ml pump bottle, I would make two small pumps of castor oil and two pumps of HHN sunflower cleansing oil which was more generous in amount and use it as my cleanser every evening.  After the steaming and wiping with a hot washcloth I still use my TFS E’thym Moisture Lotion as moisturizer.   I am still stuck with my conventional moisturizer, I am currently testing rosehip oil and argan oil in place of it but I was duped from buying online.

This is actually not a beauty blog, I am not a beauty blogger who test products and make reviews but at this point I am trying to make this post light and selfie…it seems I am onto acronyms. OCM for Oil Cleansing Method, HHN for Human Heart Nature and TFS for the The Face Shop all related to beauty and skincare.

I want to mention something about RSPO or the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.   RSPO is a council of palm oil producing countries, companies and stakeholders based in Malaysia to ensure that palm oil that is sold in the market did not cause forest degradation, habitat loss or caused suffering to local communities. The organization is currently being attacked for its failure to prevent farmers or growers in Sumatra to convert more land into palm oil plantations and eventually caused another Southeast Asian Haze.

If there is a global RSPO organization, there is a CARP here in the Philippines or the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.  Many lands are idle in Mindanao, not forest lands but alienable and disposable lands with certificate of titles that are unproductive.  Can a smallholder palm plantation work for these types of land?   http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/323541/news/regions/tanker-loaded-with-palm-oil-runs-aground-off-palawan We’ve got a big demand for food grade palm oil based on the importation and smuggling that is currently happening.

Another acronym is PDAF or Priority Development Assessment Fund which is the hottest of all the acronyms  I mentioned…to note this is not a political blog.  Oils are either heat processed or cold pressed.


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Taking Things Lightly and Oily

Work has been horrible for the past few weeks that I decided to take things lightly.  The stress has caused me to breakout that’s why I decided to change my skincare routine. Ok…i’ll talk about my skin care routine for a change.

I guess this is  my third year being a dealer of human heart nature. I’m sharing the link to their website (http://www.humanheartnature.com/) and choose your location wherever you may be in the world.  For the first time, I tried to shift from oil-free cleansing to oil cleansing. I did some major research before trying it out but to be safe, I stuck with Human Heart Nature Sunflower Cleansing Oil which I have been promoting to my friends and coworkers.  A couple of friends have already bought their bottles from me  but it is only now that I have to try it myself.

I was almost tempted to buy something from the The Face Shop but reading the ingredients which specified Mineral Oil as the main ingredient and having a price that was twice that of human nature,  I really have to turn away from it.  It has been three days since I used  this cleansing oil. The instruction reads that after using, I have to follow up with another facial wash but researching for oil cleansing routine over the internet, it seems it is much preferable to use it alone then just wipe it off with a warm washcloth and you are good to go.

I always had the misconception that oils will just make my skin more oily but after three days of oil cleansing, I’ve noticed that my skin seems more balanced and the breakouts from the past week are slowly drying up, though there are some new zits starting to flare out.  I still have to see after a few weeks if the “oil cleansing method” will balance things out for me because honestly, it’s far more convenient. I have temporarily stopped using my balancing facial wash and balancing toner also from human heart nature so from three steps skincare, I am currently at two-steps.  I still use my E’thym Collagen Water Moisture Lotion from the The Face Shop.  Praying hard that The Face Shop is truthful in promoting that their E’thym Skin Care line is mineral oil free, paraben free, benzonephenone free, colorant free, triethanolmanine free—hopefully.  I’m sure it is not fragrance free because it just smells great!

Slowly moving into my mid-thirties, I had become more OC about skincare. Let’s just wait and see, hope things will improve.

XOXO – Mara


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