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US 7.5, UK 5 and EU 38….Shoe Size

I still haven’t got an official issue safety shoes because shoe sizing is horrible.  At the moment, I am still not aware if there is a ISO standard on shoe sizing. Maybe there is, I still need to perform research. 


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Meeting Gina Lopez

I met Gina Lopez in 2010 and all I remember about her was what she wore. She was wearing a white tube romper, which was quite scary since it poses the hazard of slipping off and exposing  whatever is underneath.  Being rich she must be aware of those fashionable adhesive badges which allows you to stick on clothing to your body.  For those out there who have no idea, below is a picture of one, except that its in white and the fabric is chiffon and it looks far more expensive.

Her dress has far more impact than her speech, to the point that I felt that she can be somehow gullible, as if she swallowed whatever environmental advocacy there is out there without chewing and really knowing how it tastes.  It made me conclude that her target audience are people like her who can be somewhat gullible yet have enough resources to spare to take some action.

Sitting beside me was Dr. Macrina Zafaralla, who was one hell of a marine biologist, yet Gina spoke as if she knew better, but obviously for technical people like most of us sitting in that room, she obviously doesn’t know any better. Those little slip-ups really exposes her just like her argument with Manny Pangilinan when she said “Those places are ugly anyway!”.  She could have  clarified with concepts on ecological productivity and succession but hell they keep on saying the word ugly… yuck! She must have gotten some feedback, that at least she was wearing something acceptable and less scary when she was arguing with Manny.

After her mega-graphic presentation on the Laguna de Bay, Pasig River and its tributaries, all I could remember was Dyosa and Eugene.  The good thing about her though is that she shares those mega-graphic presentations that kids would love!

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