Shallow thoughts and strong principles

During my early years in implementing EMS, most people in the organization have started out programmes such as making a song about the environment, poster making contests or tree-hugging events in lieu of tree plantings. In a less mature organization, these programs are acceptable, since environmental performance targets are still in the baseline data gathering …

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Feeling Electric

I have to admit, I am paranoid about electrical consumption. I have had a very bad experience in the past and someone knowing me personally could understand this mindset of how valuable electricity is to me. The problem however is that none in my family share this same passion about becoming  energy efficient and saving …

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Earth Houring

It is earth hour again. Last night, I slept early, I was unable to see the  celebrations. Actually it was in 2010 when I formally became an organizer for earth hour, but I was quite disappointed because after the lights went on trash was literally everywhere. As earth hour becomes more popular,  it is slowly …

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