Earth Houring, Crowd Sourcing and Trafficking.

Time flew fast.   I just finished earth hour.  I didn't stay home, I was driving during the course of earth hour and changes in local government jurisdiction also changed the lighting condition of roads. It is only now that I realized that lack of lighting can be hazardous specially towards traffic, increasing the risk …

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What to do during Earth Hour

Playing with LED lights during Earth Hour 2013. What can we do with one hour without energy? I took the extra step to turning of my  entire electrical circuit break, not limiting to lights...totally no power!

Earth Houring

It is earth hour again. Last night, I slept early, I was unable to see the  celebrations. Actually it was in 2010 when I formally became an organizer for earth hour, but I was quite disappointed because after the lights went on trash was literally everywhere. As earth hour becomes more popular,  it is slowly …

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