The tide is high and low

There is so much work needed to get an offshore wind turbine up and running, though I am not advertising Siemens, which by the way is already merged with Gamesa…  Right now, working on climate change policy have some aspects on renewable energy, but I haven’t really had any specific job or task related to renewable energy development.

After writing about my experience on Yamal LNG a couple of weeks ago, I would just love to write something about my very short assignment with Gamesa, after receiving a phone call from a Chinese guy about engaging second party inspection for the erection of wind turbines in Rizal and Aklan.  Oh by the way, it was also the time I was assigned to work on the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) assessment on a local training center. I think GWO came before Gamesa, I think it was a long story given the pregnancy and childbirth situation.  Anyway, the core of the problem is not my individual qualification to perform the assessment but the qualification and skills (Q&S) system which is outright dysfunctional to provide confidence.

There are so many business opportunities on wind energy and renewables per se but there seems to be not much support for the country to progress on it.  Off-grid solar PV may be a lot easier and safer, oh its wrong to say safer, technically, safety is about the reduction of risks to reduce the probability of injury or illness.  Yes, I’m enjoying safety and health work right now, though my project manager would like me to focus on the national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory which is a bit tricky.  I need a big team or a competent consulting firm to undertake that job, it was stressful to supervise if everyone in the team is not into it.

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