Biggest task not fully understood

Nobody really understood what I was doing from July to December 2015. I just got back from my maternity leave not really wanting to do management system audits. I was extremely frustrated, nothing is happening, but since January 2015, I have been reviewing documents, procedures, guidelines, contractual requirements on the health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) for the fabrication of seventeen (17) modules for delivery to the Yamal LNG project. I was also locally managing a contractual arrangement with BV Russia.

Yes, our boss announced via email, it will be our biggest project, but as appointed QHSE, I didn’t expect I would have a significant role in it but I ended up working with a new set of people, who are extremely under pressure to deliver  the critical timelines posed by Yamgaz.  The 17 was reduced to 5, Compressor A, Compressor B, Flare 1, Flare 2 and Inlet Module.

When, I saw that flare in youtube, yes, that flare was fabricated in the Philippines, made by Filipino welders and fabricators in their own country.  A certain sense of pride, being part of it. But, it didn’t end well for AG&P.

This is not true when you are working on a project that is extremely risky, HSE wise and contractually.  Each pipe, nut, bolt has to comply with quality and safety standards. I was not prepared, but I just carried the name BV and did the best I could offer. So many concerns, at times, I’m the only female in the room and I was also lactating.

Doing my TQR/HSE task was crazy for Yamgaz, I have no experience handling QHSE at that scale, two (2) fatalities in Batam, guys sleeping on the job, oil spills, chemical waste management and indoor air quality in painting, measuring devices not calibrated or are completely lost. Competence management of all inspectors, carbon reporting. Crazy, I did it all.

Demobilization and ship-out to Batam and Tianjin, not Sabetta

Yamgaz demob

In the end, I just cried, I wish I could do more, I did my best, that’s all I could do in terms of quality and safety.  To a certain degree you are responsible for the health, safety and security of these inspectors, however difficult their request may be, they could die anyway, given their exposure hazards in module fabrication yards.  Zero fatalities and debilitating injuries is a Key Performance Indicator for BV.

Maybe it was just the post-partum hormones, or not getting along with the back-office people in Manila, who just wants to get over and done with the project, if its big, let it go. I also have to deal with the attitude of my former certification colleagues who had no idea what I was working on, as if I was just wasting my time for Yamal LNG, spending so much time at the AG&P yard in Batangas without recognizing my time & expense sheet. Why go there, there is an administrative assistant on-site, as if TQR/HSE can be done administratively.

Learnings from the past

ag&p yard demob strategy

The project forced me to become highly technical with a strong engineering perspective.  I had to learn categories of NDT, BGAS, CSWIP, NACE, API, etc. I  had to familiarize myself with the CU-TR, GOST, EAC, whatever….this is quality, this is safety. I do not think I will ever have that experience again, and I am grateful and thankful for being challenged with it, I was looking for experience and I got it.

I may be strange to some people, but its totally normal to the oil & gas industry, to a certain degree competent. Doing development work particularly on technology transfer is a lot easier, but there are challenges, like not being able to elicit the support of policy makers, thinking something is not feasible or unsafe. At times, it is just political.

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