Have you ever surrendered yourself to the supervision of someone expecting that it will be for the best but ended up feeling used? this is the point in my life that I feel like an utter failure. Asking God why why why?  Why do I feel that I deserve more.   I believe I am capable of doing a lot more things for the greater good of mankind, but I was forced to mediocre and pathetic tasks.  Is this the point of mean time, the point where I feel I am no longer creating value for myself, for my country and the common good.   Am I good, only the bad have been highlighted  and  I feel I don’t belong.  I deserve to be in a place where I can be respected and my potentials are maximized.  I am constantly praying for that place, I feel I am just wasting my time right now. Time is such a precious resource to be wasted and I don’t want to waste something I believe is very valuable and nothing can make up for lost time.


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March 30, 2014 · 1:41 am

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