The Academic Temptation


I am currently being tempted to apply for a PhD Scholarship, I know the rejection feels really really bad and it hurts so much, but I am so tempted to dive back into it.  I have been rejected due to over qualification, they feel my current affiliation with a big time testing, inspection and certification firm does not make me eligible for financial assistance, as if my current salary could pay their big time doctorate tuition fees.  I’m from a developing country, I couldn’t afford that.

Mentioning the word Big Time twice, that is another challenge…time, I haven’t got much of a time to get a PhD locally, I already have a kid in tow who is starting to go into puberty, being a mommy posts a part-time doctorate disaster…

It is almost September 2013 and this is when scholarship announcements for the next school year just flies in to my inbox. I have subscribed for such announcements just in case one institution may be kind enough to offer me a position in their research program with an add on for a studentship.

Oh well, I already had my masters six years ago and that seems ages…or is it the frustration of not having my GHG qualification yet….still EPt(GHG) attached to my name.  It is really tempting to get more education because I feel I am not learning anything new anymore.

Though feeling some sense of financial stability at the moment, it still scares me what lies ahead. I feel so mediocre in my current assignments as if I am not moving forward with confidence.  That sounds familiar. Why do I have wind turbines in this post anyway?

Maybe having those wind turbines means that’s what I have to look forward to. Is it me, is it my office or there really is something wrong with my country because nothing is just moving forward.

Waking Up Fire Retardant

I never expect that I would do work for the oil and gas industry, but currently most of my GHG verification opportunities have been related to oil and gas from upstream to downstream. It is only now that I started driving and getting fuel for my vehicle has always been convenient, we have always been […]

Taking Things Lightly and Oily

Work has been horrible for the past few weeks that I decided to take things lightly.  The stress has caused me to breakout that’s why I decided to change my skincare routine. Ok…i’ll talk about my skin care routine for a change.

I guess this is  my third year being a dealer of human heart nature. I’m sharing the link to their website ( and choose your location wherever you may be in the world.  For the first time, I tried to shift from oil-free cleansing to oil cleansing. I did some major research before trying it out but to be safe, I stuck with Human Heart Nature Sunflower Cleansing Oil which I have been promoting to my friends and coworkers.  A couple of friends have already bought their bottles from me  but it is only now that I have to try it myself.

I was almost tempted to buy something from the The Face Shop but reading the ingredients which specified Mineral Oil as the main ingredient and having a price that was twice that of human nature,  I really have to turn away from it.  It has been three days since I used  this cleansing oil. The instruction reads that after using, I have to follow up with another facial wash but researching for oil cleansing routine over the internet, it seems it is much preferable to use it alone then just wipe it off with a warm washcloth and you are good to go.

I always had the misconception that oils will just make my skin more oily but after three days of oil cleansing, I’ve noticed that my skin seems more balanced and the breakouts from the past week are slowly drying up, though there are some new zits starting to flare out.  I still have to see after a few weeks if the “oil cleansing method” will balance things out for me because honestly, it’s far more convenient. I have temporarily stopped using my balancing facial wash and balancing toner also from human heart nature so from three steps skincare, I am currently at two-steps.  I still use my E’thym Collagen Water Moisture Lotion from the The Face Shop.  Praying hard that The Face Shop is truthful in promoting that their E’thym Skin Care line is mineral oil free, paraben free, benzonephenone free, colorant free, triethanolmanine free—hopefully.  I’m sure it is not fragrance free because it just smells great!

Slowly moving into my mid-thirties, I had become more OC about skincare. Let’s just wait and see, hope things will improve.

XOXO – Mara