A greenwash encounter… how should I put this?

How should I put this?

Do I have any sense of pride for being once associated in the fast food industry? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe its too early to tell.  But what I can remember is that I worked really hard in the engineering department not in the sales and marketing department or did anything for corporate image building.  I was just a lowly specialist striving for environmental compliance in a somewhat challenging industry.

Blogging about what  got me started me into blogging is quite timely at the moment, with the cyber crime law  making the headlines.  Though some may not be totally affected, I do feel that blogging will present to me some criminal risks. Do I need to have a good lawyer since I have risked setting up a blog?

Well, I am not bad mouthing any fast food chain, what I am implying is that there is such a standard called ISO 14020 which presents guidelines  for organizations to produce environmental claims related to their product. At this point in time, we really do not know if the Life Cycle Environmental Impact of paper packaging truly has less environmental impact than plastic packaging. Honestly we really don’t know. It is a big no no to claim something that is fully surrounded by uncertainty.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in paper packaging manufacturing facility in Mindanao and our technical specialist mentioned about the eco-labeling program of the Philippines. the “Green Choice” which is virtually underfunded and struggling with its day to day operations, yet corporate entities can freely express their environmental claim without validation.


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