Lines lines lines

I think my views are becoming a bit too hard line recently. I started this blog for fun, yes I admit, with a bit of frustration  but I have no intention into making this publication into a hard line propaganda movement.

I have participated in my second GHG verification activity for this year. Still as an audit observer, but at the least I do believe my competence is being developed for such requirement. My participation in the Agriculture sector was more active since I am already familiar with the scope of activities but with Oil and Gas sector, I guess I am still learning the ropes.

I guess I have still a lot to learn in my chosen field. It is quite disappointing though that the field I have chosen is so advanced for someone like me living where I am now. It is too complicated and advanced that no one around me understands what I do. Rather than try to understand something that is “profitable” in the future, they would just make a mockery out of it, particularly my close family members.

Is that a local cultural trait? Make fun of something we don’t understand and never really improve in the long rung resulting in stagnation?

It just creates further lines on my face….



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