Lines lines lines

I think my views are becoming a bit too hard line recently. I started this blog for fun, yes I admit, with a bit of frustration  but I have no intention into making this publication into a hard line propaganda movement.

I have participated in my second GHG verification activity for this year. Still as an audit observer, but at the least I do believe my competence is being developed for such requirement. My participation in the Agriculture sector was more active since I am already familiar with the scope of activities but with Oil and Gas sector, I guess I am still learning the ropes.

I guess I have still a lot to learn in my chosen field. It is quite disappointing though that the field I have chosen is so advanced for someone like me living where I am now. It is too complicated and advanced that no one around me understands what I do. Rather than try to understand something that is “profitable” in the future, they would just make a mockery out of it, particularly my close family members.

Is that a local cultural trait? Make fun of something we don’t understand and never really improve in the long rung resulting in stagnation?

It just creates further lines on my face….


Land Use and Land Reform

When land issues become politicized, things become complicated. However political the Coase Theorem on property rights is, it is still an environmental solution.  I think we now live in violent times. However we want peace and knew the lessons of war, war can at times be needed to cleanse a nation of its ills.  These are times of conflict, not only from an external threat but also within our own skins.

I am not a proponent of war, I guess I am more of a proponent of land use and the public clamor for land reform I believe can lead to war.  War may be the extreme form of conflict but I believe conflict is already here. We can be friendly and kind with our neighbors, but deep inside there is fire burning for reform.