Is there much?


I have traveled much, but is there much more? Looking at a different perspective on my life,  is being idealistic about my advocacy enabled me to waste time on other things, like getting myself my own house?

I think my personal life has been wasted for the past year.  I’ve gained quite a few founds and I still haven’t reached my personal goals yet.  I took the picture above on my way out of Davao City, a farm with a  banana saplings. I thought by this time, I would finally have my own house, but legal issues have impeded my actions.  Don’t you hate it when somebody dies and leaves you a legal mess while their spirit moves on to eternity without any form of accountability, though my Christian beliefs tell me there’s  a heaven, hell or purgatory, the thing is we just don’t know but things just got dropped on your lap, sometimes I wish I was Buddhist and let the karmic law would just hit everyone involved.

I think its time for me to move on. I already got what I want out of my career, I already got my education and training and I do not need anyone to tell me what to do, I can always move on.


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May 20, 2012 · 2:19 pm

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