The Look Back

Sadly, digital images that I have kept on my file have been limited to 2004, during my EIA Project Management days in Cebu. I wish I could go as early as the year 2000 during my first try in implementing ISO 14001:1996 at the Asian Institute of Management.

A couple of days ago, I encountered the early days of ISO certification in the Philippines, way back in 1996, there were only a handful of ISO certified organization and ISO auditors are truly rare species in terms of career choices. Standards were interpreted quite differently and maybe people at that time think ISO certified organizations are super-standardized organizations.

Though I initially thought it was a curse to work in ISO, specially those grueling hours and documentation hullabaloo…well I did have an advantage being a fast typist and I very much maximized my competence in MS Office applications to churn out flow-charts and diagrams, now it seems it was such a blessing that my career has now started in doing the other side of the fence doing validation and verification work to more than one standard.

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