Mine and Yours

Is there such as thing as sustainable mining? This picture was taken two years ago while we were passing through Placer, Surigao del Norte on  a project on Ecotourism. It is ironic that in order for tourists to access the ecotourism area, they have to pass through the mining towns. Tons of mining overburden are piled along the roads.  There is no ore processing that the ores itself are directly shipped to China or other country where the processing of the gold into bars is a lot cheaper.

Erosion is evident, but no one seem to realize that there is something terribly wrong. The problem with issues like these is people do not understand why situations have to come such points. A Million signature will not solve the problem, things are far more complicated.


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  1. I wrote this before the big Manny Pangilinan and Gina Lopez face-off…things like that suck!

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