Mine and Yours

Is there such as thing as sustainable mining? This picture was taken two years ago while we were passing through Placer, Surigao del Norte on  a project on Ecotourism. It is ironic that in order for tourists to access the ecotourism area, they have to pass through the mining towns. Tons of mining overburden are piled along the roads.  There is no ore processing that the ores itself are directly shipped to China or other country where the processing of the gold into bars is a lot cheaper.

Erosion is evident, but no one seem to realize that there is something terribly wrong. The problem with issues like these is people do not understand why situations have to come such points. A Million signature will not solve the problem, things are far more complicated.

Spotting a Beauty

Again, thank you Mr. Gemina for this wonderful photograph.  Hope to get a good camera myself in the near future, I am still not yet ready for a DSLR, just something to level up from my good old Sony Cybershot W220 Point and Shoot Compact Camera which was used to take my current blog banner.

This is a shot somewhere in Talakag, Bukidnon Province. A rubber plantation that we just could not control ourselves from stopping over and dropping off, even if its not part of our itinerary. The time of the day just made the view so beautiful. Though the grasses are tall and rubber plantations are known habitats of cobras and other venomous snakes in that geographic region, it is just so beautiful, we could not stop ourselves from that risk.

Rubber tapping is considered an environmentally sustainable industry.  There is constant demand for rubber in bigger industries such as shipbuilding, aviation, manufacturing, etc. but maintaining a rubber plantation have minimal impacts to biodiversity loss.  This place is surely a beauty knowing its contribution to sustainability.

With the beauty of a sustainable industry presenting itself unto me, it did cross my mind to change my banner. But unlike the beautiful background, it seems I look better with my back turned, I guess I will stick with the SF6 insulated circuit breakers, back turned with a hard hat, which is my usual outfit.  Wearing a pink shirt was too much of a contrast and I look as if I was only photoshopped as if I did not really came across that place.

New Year…Old Air…Same Earth

Low Visibility after celebrating the New Year

Its finally 2012…the Mayan Calendar has already ended, could it also mean the end of the world? Thankfully, I am not Mayan and I do not live in an ancient civilization where human sacrifice is perfectly acceptable. 2011 was a new year now that I am in my new career in the inspection and verification f ield.  My time was eaten up and I had enough experience to carry myself in 2012. Developing competence is a never-ending process.

Based on the Chinese Astrology, my birthdate has classified me into a fire sheep, fire ram or fire goat. Well it depends which ruminant is available. I do feel quite lucky about 2011, though with hesitation, I had to leave a perfectly planned and well connected US EPA project of 2010, I have no darn regrets. Bye Kurt and your curt comments!

Looking at the transition into the new year here in Manila. Filipino culture really has a lot of unsustainable stuff that it needs to purge out such as the addiction to explosive grade firecrackers.  Flights were redirected from Manila to Clark airport due to zero visibility.   Why are we willing to lose productivity for just one night of revelry…we’re willing to pollute just to get through with one night of noise.  That’s it… a new year but same old air and same earth.