Bukidnon-Cagayan De Oro-Bukidnon in less than 24 hours

On December3rd, I wrote a short blog on land use planning and how its absence could lead to disasters.  I was a bit lazy at that time so I did not write the details of my disappointment and frustration that an onslaught of heavy rains will definitely lead to disaster in that area of Northern Mindanao. My trip in November was getting around the Province of Bukidnon, passing through to Cagayan de Oro City and back to the other side of Bukidnon in the foothills of Mount Kitanglad.

Passing through that route, I did feel uneasy of how things were in terms of how land was used , people really have a risk of getting washed off in case of a heavy dowpour of rain.  Our pictures in Kitanglad and most of the Bukidnon Highlands were quite disappointing since people have encroached the tops of the highlands and cleared most of the original vegetation.  Indeed a disaster is waiting to happen.

Two weeks later, what I have fear will happen indeed happened. Cagayan de Oro, parts of Bukidnon is still in the disaster recovery efforts and clean up will follow soon.

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