bomber, left 4 dead methane emitting zombie

Methane stinks! Honestly it does, CH4  is a greenhouse gas that is generated from the decomposition of organic matter. On the other hand, methane can be captured to produce energy. Zombies are “IN” this Halloween, and zombies do remind me of methane, if these guys are decomposing, they will decompose themselves into methane gas which when released to the atmosphere will cause global warming…therefore zombies are really bad…

If zombies remind me of methane, methane then reminds me of a bunch of rowdy guys I met last year under the Methane to Markets grant to PCIERD-DOST by the US EPA. Very halloween indeed!

At this point in time, I am looking back at all the work experiences on methane. There are so much opportunities that the Philippines have on renewable energy but it seems the local leadership could not see the potential. That’s why methane is just released in the atmosphere as a biogenic GHG reinforcing the GHG from fossil fuel sources.

If methane are zombies then we have to caputure them and turn it into usable energy.


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Filed under Pollution Control, Renewable Energy and Biofuels

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