Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Screenshot of my old blog from Best Green Blogs ( RIP Fast Food will be missed!

I can’t access my old  blog which is in the domain of  Blogger has changed its settings and with it is public access to my old and very popular blog. At the moment, I have no intention to turning this site into, I am just happy being hosted by wordpress for the mean time.

Fast Food Greenwash started out of frustration. I was so frustrated working in the corporate environmental management team of a multinational fastfood corporation.  It seems the people I work with have a different set of values and we can’t seem to find consensus on how to do things.  Everyone drives themselves in their own direction, I just couldn’t budge because  I know it will make me dumb in the long run.  Thank God, Ididn’t end up being so dumb after all. Hopefully things will turn out wonderfully for them now that environmental regulations are far more stringent and the effects of climate change are obviously felt.

Having Fast Food Greenwash was such an affirmation,  it was nominated as one of the best green blogs and had a number of comments on how people do get frustrated with Greenwash. I also enjoy the shares of readers….but is the media gone forever…how we made fun of Taco bell, KFC, McDonald’s, etc…etc.  I guess I have to say goodbye to my old online friends on

Last Friday, I guess I have to say goodbye to another old friend.  Facebook has been useful to connect with old peeps, but online connection will remain just as connections and not necessarily as friends.  We grow old but our friends have a choice to outgrow us, just because our hair is gray and wrinkles have covered our eyes doesn’t always mean who we are have changed as well.  So goodbye old friend…because of you I have to change shampoos and religiously use eye cream.

“RIP… will be missed!”


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