its climate change, change change change your perspective

Photoshopped DPWH Officials

I have had enough of the news of people in flood inundated areas crying their hearts out, blaming this or that or whoever they can point their fingers on for the dire situation that they are in.  Things have changed, there is always a threat that we will get flooded more often.  These people are climate refugees, displacement will be a normal seasonal occurrence, an a nomadic lifestyle will be the norm unless we establish climate adaptive communities.

The storm surges of Manila Bay have cleared a lot of shanties within the coastline. It is good to commend Navotas for preventing illegal settlers from resettling into the risk-prone area. In my readings, the Navotas, Malabon and Pampanga River Delta were once mangrove forests, the rapid conversion of mangroves into fish pens in Navotas and Malabon have led to the siltation of the area which had temporarily became land created by silts.  Land area created through siltation is prone to liquefaction and will always be recovered by the sea once sea levels have risen which is the trend of climate change.


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