New Month

Honestly, I really love my job at the moment.  Though there are some glitches along the way and the stress of having a tight schedule, I honestly do love my job.  Almost everyone I work with is objective so far rather than having psychopathic delusions, which I do encounter often whenever I open my facebook account but most people I know are quite ok…maybe its a lack of advanced mathematics in their system which truly requires objectivity.

Its finally October 2011, thought I wouldn’t last another day doing verification work but I did get my “informal” qualification last night over dinner, though formally not yet documented or official, I do feel I have some reasonable level of  assurance. I do feel very comfortable with myself. I’m almost thirty two by November and I have basically established who I am as a person. Looking back, I believe my life has been blessed and had been quite adventurous. I no longer have that fire in my heart, thankfully.

I do not think I am lucky, maybe it was just a change in outlook…to notes…to live……….or to thunderbird, or  to whatever email program is available that can increase productivity and efficiency.  Currently, I’m on lotus notes. I do feel lucky this September, though quite tired, I have been wanting so bad to get a training, get a hold of the ISO 14064 standard, so far it materialized, served in a platter in front of me.

In 2007, when I encountered a  glitch  and accidentally became part of a major corporate GHG inventory project, I had hoped to see what is inside the ISO 14064:2006 standard which was launched during the time I was assisting the inventory team. Psychopaths may contest who I am but what is inside my head will always remain there, God gave me the gift of having a good long-term memory, though I may forget the name of someone I just recently met.

In less than five years, I was given a copy of the standard and have a reasonable level of assurance that I can be part of a verification team soon after the proper qualification processes can be done, in a years time maybe…or hopefully.

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