bomber, left 4 dead methane emitting zombie

Methane stinks! Honestly it does, CH4  is a greenhouse gas that is generated from the decomposition of organic matter. On the other hand, methane can be captured to produce energy. Zombies are “IN” this Halloween, and zombies do remind me of methane, if these guys are decomposing, they will decompose themselves into methane gas which when released to the atmosphere will cause global warming…therefore zombies are really bad…

If zombies remind me of methane, methane then reminds me of a bunch of rowdy guys I met last year under the Methane to Markets grant to PCIERD-DOST by the US EPA. Very halloween indeed!

At this point in time, I am looking back at all the work experiences on methane. There are so much opportunities that the Philippines have on renewable energy but it seems the local leadership could not see the potential. That’s why methane is just released in the atmosphere as a biogenic GHG reinforcing the GHG from fossil fuel sources.

If methane are zombies then we have to caputure them and turn it into usable energy.

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Screenshot of my old blog from Best Green Blogs ( RIP Fast Food will be missed!

I can’t access my old  blog which is in the domain of  Blogger has changed its settings and with it is public access to my old and very popular blog. At the moment, I have no intention to turning this site into, I am just happy being hosted by wordpress for the mean time.

Fast Food Greenwash started out of frustration. I was so frustrated working in the corporate environmental management team of a multinational fastfood corporation.  It seems the people I work with have a different set of values and we can’t seem to find consensus on how to do things.  Everyone drives themselves in their own direction, I just couldn’t budge because  I know it will make me dumb in the long run.  Thank God, Ididn’t end up being so dumb after all. Hopefully things will turn out wonderfully for them now that environmental regulations are far more stringent and the effects of climate change are obviously felt.

Having Fast Food Greenwash was such an affirmation,  it was nominated as one of the best green blogs and had a number of comments on how people do get frustrated with Greenwash. I also enjoy the shares of readers….but is the media gone forever…how we made fun of Taco bell, KFC, McDonald’s, etc…etc.  I guess I have to say goodbye to my old online friends on

Last Friday, I guess I have to say goodbye to another old friend.  Facebook has been useful to connect with old peeps, but online connection will remain just as connections and not necessarily as friends.  We grow old but our friends have a choice to outgrow us, just because our hair is gray and wrinkles have covered our eyes doesn’t always mean who we are have changed as well.  So goodbye old friend…because of you I have to change shampoos and religiously use eye cream.

“RIP… will be missed!”

Marine Issues

Before, when ships  sink, report on its impact to the marine ecosystem is not fully assessed.  The issue is more on the safety of the crew and passengers on board and its impact on the value of the cargo in terms of damage.  But the losses now incurred from the loss of ecosystem services are far more valuable than the cargo and loss of life from shipwrecks.

The New Zealand Bay of Plenty oil spill is now considered a major disaster of global importance.  The impact of the oil spill has damages which value is far greater than the value of the cargo and oil carried on-board because damages that will impact future generations by keeping the marine ecosystem in pristine condition.

With the volume of information provided on the risks of marine pollution, maritime personnel still has not fully appreciated the risks of losing ecosystem values in which our own survival depends.

(I wrote this post in 2011, but the BV Marine video came out in 2016, I used to have a picture of a container vessel tipping over, but its not as exciting as the number of types of ships there are in the world)


All of my post have been limited to my career choices.  Well for once I would like to post a beauty blog. I do have a big concern about getting cancer  in the future specially of my cosmetic choices but thankfully there are a lot of choices in the market that I can trust to minimize the health risk of cosmetics.

For washing my face, I use Avalon Organics Vitamin C cleansing gel, though it is not 100% organic, I am still thankful that I have a choice and the synthetic content is limited.  After washing, I tone it with human heart nature, though the original moringa toner is already phased out, I have learned to like the orange/elemi toner for oily skin. Lastly I put on Juice Beauty Oil Free moisturizer which is the most expensive among the bunch so I use it quite sparsely. During cases of breakouts which happen to my face every month, I use Nature’s Gate Natural Results Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment (it may not be as powerful as the benzoyl peroxide I was used to, I don’t have the risk of benzene toxicity.

I also love Human Heart Nature Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner and Feminine Wash and I also make my own beeswax based “petroleum jelly” (no petrolatum or any petroleum based chemicals) by melting four parts virgin coconut oil and one part beeswax.  Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil if you want to use it as lip balm or a few drops tea tree oil for an antiseptic salve. Adding camphor and menthol will also make a homemade vapor rub.

its climate change, change change change your perspective

Photoshopped DPWH Officials

I have had enough of the news of people in flood inundated areas crying their hearts out, blaming this or that or whoever they can point their fingers on for the dire situation that they are in.  Things have changed, there is always a threat that we will get flooded more often.  These people are climate refugees, displacement will be a normal seasonal occurrence, an a nomadic lifestyle will be the norm unless we establish climate adaptive communities.

The storm surges of Manila Bay have cleared a lot of shanties within the coastline. It is good to commend Navotas for preventing illegal settlers from resettling into the risk-prone area. In my readings, the Navotas, Malabon and Pampanga River Delta were once mangrove forests, the rapid conversion of mangroves into fish pens in Navotas and Malabon have led to the siltation of the area which had temporarily became land created by silts.  Land area created through siltation is prone to liquefaction and will always be recovered by the sea once sea levels have risen which is the trend of climate change.

New Month

Honestly, I really love my job at the moment.  Though there are some glitches along the way and the stress of having a tight schedule, I honestly do love my job.  Almost everyone I work with is objective so far rather than having psychopathic delusions, which I do encounter often whenever I open my facebook account but most people I know are quite ok…maybe its a lack of advanced mathematics in their system which truly requires objectivity.

Its finally October 2011, thought I wouldn’t last another day doing verification work but I did get my “informal” qualification last night over dinner, though formally not yet documented or official, I do feel I have some reasonable level of  assurance. I do feel very comfortable with myself. I’m almost thirty two by November and I have basically established who I am as a person. Looking back, I believe my life has been blessed and had been quite adventurous. I no longer have that fire in my heart, thankfully.

I do not think I am lucky, maybe it was just a change in outlook…to notes…to live……….or to thunderbird, or  to whatever email program is available that can increase productivity and efficiency.  Currently, I’m on lotus notes. I do feel lucky this September, though quite tired, I have been wanting so bad to get a training, get a hold of the ISO 14064 standard, so far it materialized, served in a platter in front of me.

In 2007, when I encountered a  glitch  and accidentally became part of a major corporate GHG inventory project, I had hoped to see what is inside the ISO 14064:2006 standard which was launched during the time I was assisting the inventory team. Psychopaths may contest who I am but what is inside my head will always remain there, God gave me the gift of having a good long-term memory, though I may forget the name of someone I just recently met.

In less than five years, I was given a copy of the standard and have a reasonable level of assurance that I can be part of a verification team soon after the proper qualification processes can be done, in a years time maybe…or hopefully.