In 2007, when the Nobel Peace Prize awarded half of the prize to the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change, I could finally say that I only have one degree separation from a Nobel Prize winner but I do not want to brag about that matter.

Don’t you hate it when someone name-drops specially when you know better than the person who name drops. A case in point, in 2009, funds were flowing from aid agencies in the Philippines after the Typhoon Ketsana or more popularly known “Ondoy” tragedy. A former colleague has prevented me from accessing funding documents, but the effort was futile because I personnally know the donor, no need to access the funding documents, talk to the donor and that’s what I did. Actually I didn’t name-drop, my colleague was namedropping about someone very important who provided the funding document.  Someone worth namedropping, but to me someone worth “calling a friend”.

Lesson learned, don’t name drop…well don’t judge someone and use a name-dropable person without proper reference to someone who your talking to who is also as valuable.  Psychopaths abound…tata!