Looking at things in systems perspective

Environmentalism is fad, most would think.  I don’t like being branded as an environmentalist because honestly, the image of an environmentalist is a radical advocate with radical moves.  I prefer a more systems approach and looking at environmental problems in a bigger picture. That seems to be the reason why our systems analysis is one of our core coursework during my graduate studies in environmental science.  However, most of my classmates failed to appreciate it, systems thinking they thought was about geographical information systems or ecological modelling using megadatabases, which are just mere tools to give us a bigger perspective of looking at systems.

At the moment, I am still under training and evaluation before I could qualify as a full ISO Auditor which has been a constant exercise of looking at systems, particularly management systems. Nit-picking is a no no because the nits are just symptoms and not the illness of most organizational systems. One of my biggest tasks and challenges is to help these organizations improve their systems without becoming a consultant.  I am still wading the shores carefully without stepping on areas of conflict of interest.

Who would have thought I would end up in an inspection/validation field when I had always been perceived as an environmentalists with radical advocacies and radical moves.

Forgot to Back Up

My office provided notebook computer is not budging when I press the on button.  The problem now is how do I retrieve my very important files?