Renewable Debate: China adds 18.9 GW of new wind power capacity in 2010

The Philippines is currently disturbed by the recent developments in the South China Sea.  Ships from the Chinese of the People’s Liberation Army Navy have been intruding parts of areas obviously part of the Philippine Territory. It is quite frustrating that such intrusions have caught off-guard the Philippines’ weak democracy.  But I kinda like China, I have been in that country for quite some time and I do appreciate the progress people in the cities are experiencing and their appreciation and implementation of land use planning, a somewhat Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which no one seems to realize what the heck I am talking about. They do have a number of human rights violation, but similar human rights violations have been occurring in my own country.  The Philippines is so Demo-Crazy!

Anyway, there is a debate on subsidies for the renewable energy sector, the current Trade Secretary has pointed out that subsidizing the renewable energy sector (wind, solar, biomass even hydro) will further increase the price of electricity because of the high installation cost of “new” or “emergent” technology and the need for investors to recover their investments. I am just wondering why leaders are considering these technologies emergent when countries have already invested on it and are now reaping the benefits.

China’s installation of 18.9GW capacity of new wind power is good news not only for China but for the world.  First is because of the substitution effect from fossil fuel sources and this high demand by China and their push for producing turbines domestically drives the installation costs lower, it is good news, as of the end of 2010,  50% of total installed wind power capacity is in China!

The point is, we are holding back, we need energy yet we hold ourselves back because we don’t fully understand the consequences, because there is limited knowledge and information.

What is our goal in energy security? Anyway, we do have a problem with territorial security more than anything…but the population is growing…and we again are stumbling into road blocks that are further complicated.

There truly is a systemic problem in decision making, competence is limited given the limited knowledge and even efforts to block knowledge from being built and being fully used.  So we just end up becoming bloggers…and make sattires out of the dumbness.

Climate change is knocking on our doors and yet we do not have the capacity to recognize that it is indeed climate change.


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