Technical Solutions and Systems Approach

I do enjoy the sense of anonymity of having a blog. I am getting feedback from my other blog of how good my mindset is on having this type of career. Having a green career is part of my long-term plan but it takes a technical approach rather than a simple advocacy approach which I do encounter every now and then.  The louder, the higher and the stronger the voice may be, it is useless if no action is behind it.

(Photo care of the Manila Standard)

With the onset of the recent Typhoon Falcon, Metro Manila is again caught off-guard with the volume of rain that was dumped and caused severe flooding. I recently heard on the news that a number of Metro Manila mayors held a meeting with MMDA and PAGASA to assess the floods that occurred. Though the magnitude and damage was not similar to Typhoon Ondoy a few years back, the Metro Manila mayors have again put the blame on PAGASA for not doing enough or not giving enough warning.  It is totally unfair for these local chief executives to blame PAGASA for not doing enough since reduction of risks is not only dependent on the information provided but on the actual action done (whether corrective or preventive) to minimize the risks associated with heavy rains and flooding.

No one should ever put blame on one element of a system since whatever disaster or simple inicdent  that occurred is brought about by the interaction of all elements. I have so much respect for the new leadership of the weather agency, having an opportunity to personally work with these scientists. What I appreciated about these scientists is their systems approach to doing things. Slowly, improvements have been made but it will surely take time before we can achieve effectiveness of the improvements currently done.


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