Climate change may lead to fishkills

I often wonder why media in the Philippines do not realize that certain events how weird they may seem is attributed to climate change.  Whenever flooding occurs, local politicians often determine the root cause as drainage problems (blocked drainage systems or a lack of a drainage system at all). These policy makers or let’s just say “misguided” leaders will think that an engineering solution would be the answer and would request that valuable resources be allocated for an “expensive” and “unsustainable” infrastructure project that is not well thought of but financially rewarding for these misguideds. Ok its an adaptation solution but are people as dumb as illegal settlers?

Anyway, the recent fish kills which happened almost or somewhat simultaneous is Batangas and Pangasinan is obviously an impact of climate change. I am not sure why the recent media reports have not mentioned a thing about climate change or even BFAR, but it was mentioned that factors to consider is temperature (drastic change in water temperature) and precipitation (due to the rains brought about by the southwest monsoon and typhoon).

Climate change seems like a megaword nowadays when it is just the combination of the words “climate” and “change”. In other words there is change in the climate.  Living here in the Philippines, the climates bring about two seasons (wet and dry). Temperate countries get for (spring, summer, autumn and winter).  These basic facts defines climate. I could never forget that two parameters determine the climate of a given location, temperature and precipitation.

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