Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Low standards

While doing my routine research today, I came accross the NEA website of Singapore and as someone working in this country, I became somewhat depressed and disappointed at how much disconnect there is between the EMB website and people implementing environmental programs and complying with environmental laws. I think the problem with the Philippines is that we are such a big country but our capcity to make things work is effective only for a small country such as Singapore.  I just hope we would just stop comparing our economic objective with Singapore and be more realistic, because how hard we try, it will take decades of good leadership and policy before we can achieve that standard and that is assuming good leadership and policy, I think it will take centuries given the current condition of leadership.

Whenever I would inculcate discipline to my daughter who was once five year old, she just could not seem to focus on the more basic and more important things and keeps on swaying her attention to the television, the internet or to anything that will tickle her fancy rather than focus on finishin her tasks. We are just like 5 year olds who think we are the center of attention but are not productive and end up putting our attention on politics and entertainment and not focus on our work.

Environmental management programs are like entertainment, they seem like fanciful programs that are advertised by companies yet nobody realize the hardwork you have to put in it to make it effective.  Often those who invest more on advertising have little work on it and could not show proof of comprehensive validation.

Transport Alternatives

Bus owners seek more CNG

The recent call for subsidizing fuel for jeepneys is vey likely a bad decision. Subsidizing 450 Million pesos of fuel to an industry with  that is inefficient, unsafe and a threat to the environment is obviously a decision that is not well thought of. It is like flushing money down the drain. You don’t invest in consumables you invest in infrastructure or long-term solutions to persistent problems.