The Philippine Climate Change Act of 2009

Signing of Climate Change ActRecently attended the signing of the Philippine Climate Change Act of 2009. Hindi ko tuloy lubos maisip kung ang isang batas na tulad nito ay may patutunguhan tulad ng iba pang mga batas na nasaipatupad noong mga nakaraan. Sa Pilipinas, ang batas ay parang “band-aid”, isang panandaliang solusyon.

Ewan ko ba, at least meroon akong picture sa trono ng Malacanang na saksakan ng gulo. Starting from scratch, its nice though that the people who attended the signing are good scientists from my university, some who have won 50% of the Nobel Peace Prize of 2007.

But the problem is these very good people barely have a voice in government.  Those who prevail are those who have louder, stronger voices but with personal interests rather than really knowing what the true issue is and that is one big problem that I have to face.

As part of the signing of the law, we were all given a copy of the act, looking at it, it is quite general.  It seems it was hastily done in response to the Ondoy experience and nothing concrete was in it.  Maybe we should start waiting for the implementing rules and regulations.


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