Purposely Procrastrinating

Starting the day in the office and not feeling much to do. Its good that after 10 or so years I finally started to do what I hoped to do during the start of my career. It had been my goal to work for an independent third-party verification organization eversince I had my first job …

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Impersonal Puerto Princesa

Since 2006, I have been coming and going to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, for family vacations or family affairs. "Family" seems like an ambiguous term given the fact that Dave and I haven't legally finalized our union. I just went last week but not for personal reasons but for a project.  I suggested to …

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The Philippine Climate Change Act of 2009

Recently attended the signing of the Philippine Climate Change Act of 2009. Hindi ko tuloy lubos maisip kung ang isang batas na tulad nito ay may patutunguhan tulad ng iba pang mga batas na nasaipatupad noong mga nakaraan. Sa Pilipinas, ang batas ay parang "band-aid", isang panandaliang solusyon. Ewan ko ba, at least meroon akong …

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